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I knew that we could buy an investment property using our equity but I did not know that we could actually build a portfolio of our investment properties. Thanks to JR Prosperity where they actually help us in understanding that you don’t have to stop in one investment where you can actually build a portfolio.

Exceptional services with JR Prosperity!

Freddie and Severine

Sydney, Australia

We have been with JR Prosperity Partners for around 2 years and we have invested in our future. We are excited about paying off our mortgage quicker, our aim was to pay off our home mortgage as soon as possible but that wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have the guidance from the JR Prosperity Team. Now it’s quite certain, if we implement what we’ve learned from the JR Prosperity team, we will be able to pay off our mortgage in less than 5 years.

I am very thankful to Jack and the JR Prosperity Team, thank you team.

Iti and Pratul

I attended a seminar where I heard about Jack, I was interested in investing but I didn’t know how to so the seminar really helped me and Jack did a really good job of explaining things. My experience with JR Prosperity Partners have been one of professionalism. I don’t have to think about how I have to earn money during my retirement, I can now think how I’m going to spend money.

Just don’t think, get into it. Because the earlier you do, the better for you.


Being novice in the investment side of the equation, we didn’t know what to expect to be honest. Our first impression was how easy it was, Jack came in and expressed what he could do for us and he gave us a whole variety of investment options… I can’t believe how easy and how much help is out there, in normal circumstances you would think you’re on your own, but Jack made the whole process a lot easier and I felt comfortable, and now I feel even more comfortable to know that if I want to buy another property, Jack will come in and do the same process, and I know that I have someone I can trust.

Personally, we think we’re going to have a great retirement. I wont have to worry about money, but the main thing is, I’m not going to have to worry about my kids, I know they’re going to be looked after.

Javier and Noemi

Sydney, Australia

Since going back to work, my wife hasn’t had the time to help out researching properties, contacting builders, electricians and all the people you need to contact, so we decided we had to get someone to do that research for us. We wanted someone who knew the market and could provide us with good contacts and good properties that would grow in value over time, so we contacted JR Prosperity Partners.

Its been really helpful for us, because we used to have more time but not enough money… and now we have no time, but now we have more money… We are looking forward to buying more and more properties .


I was an investor before JR Prosperity Partners approached me, but the whole approach was very professional and I felt comfortable when they approached me and gave me the whole plan. It felt like a family, I was happy to go ahead and in fact, I had planned to only go ahead with one property, but the way they went through all the processes, including before and after the purchase, I actually went ahead and bought 2 properties.

I would definitely recommend them if you plan to have an investment property, definitely JR Prosperity Partners would be the way to go.


JR Prosperity Partners really helped me, basically it is like a one-stop shop where I just had a quick phone call and everything was sorted for me. I was given choices of properties to invest, I did some homework and found one that was very interesting. The team at JR Prosperity Partners are excellent, from the initial meetings, and then the whole journey. I would definitely recommend JR Prosperity Partners, from buying a property or just financial advice. Our journey has been nice and easy, they have kept us in the loop. I would definitely recommend JR Prosperity Partners to family and friends.

Every step of the way JR Prosperity Partners helped me… it’s like a one-stop shop.

Kartik and Deepthi

The best thing about being a member of JR Prosperity Partners, is you know it’s JR. You don’t feel like your an investor, you feel like you’re part of their family, You are a part of JR Prosperity, that’s exactly how we feel.

Each and every day we are happy… that we partnered with JR Prosperity Partners.

Phillip and Nokuthula

JR Prosperity opened our eyes and show us that there is other places where we could afford. This company is so efficient! This company is so efficient, you call them today and you won’t spent more than 3 days before you get the answer. They care about their customers. It’s like you part of the family.

JR Prosperity Partners isn’t just a company, it’s an extension of my family. They offer a total solution, everything is there. They’re a network of professionals that I can call at anytime.

Ronald and Keslya