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We are your partners in creating wealth through property. Our commitment to you is uncompromising to ensure you get the desired financial outcomes for you and your family.


Jack Kumar

Jack Kumar

CEO, Director

Jack Kumar is a property investor and founding director of JR Prosperity Partners Pty Ltd. He established this company with the sole objective of enabling everyday Australians to achieve their financial Independence through property.

Ruchi Panwar

Ruchi Panwar

Chief Financial Officer

Ruchi as the Chief Financial Officer plays an integral part in JR Prosperity Partner’s success and is working hand-in-hand with the executive team to scale the business to go Australia-wide.

Sean Floyd Pereira

Sean Floyd Pereira

Managing Director

Sean was previously the Business Development Manager liaising with the team to develop innovative strategies for the company’s growth and development. An avid believer in the power of the mind has given Sean the level of success to where he is today. Wealth creation is a deep passion for Sean as he pursues to help more families achieve financial freedom.

Ryan Maher

Ryan Maher

Marketing Executive

Ryan heads up the marketing team at JR Prosperity Partners and is passionate about inspiring and educating our clients across all communication channels. Part of Ryan’s role is to support the investment property coaches by reporting on our clients success stories as well as creating content to educate all Australians on the topic of property investment.

Ronica Matawaran

Ronica Matawaran

Full-stack Developer

Ronica is a full-stack web developer at JR Prosperity Partners and forms part of the marketing team. With her many years of experience and technical knowledge in the web development world, she is highly proficient at building web platforms, integrating third-party libraries, and transforming the art of design to programming. She harnesses her expertise to develop creative online solutions to drastically improve the company’s core business processes.


Creating Wealth Through Property

At JR Prosperity, our mission is to provide you with clear, cohesive and consolidated guidance that is aligned to your specific goals. We are your partners in creating financial security. That is why the sum of our services is much greater than the number of professionals involved.

We help our clients to locate investment opportunities with significant growth potential. We use reliable sources of information, reports and charts to carefully select investment grade properties that are tailored your financial situation and future wealth building goals. We look for where governments and private sectors are investing in infrastructure.

This information is compiled into a brief we put together for a particular area or region. That is when we begin to work for you.


How we look into the future

JR Prosperity Partners was established for the sole objective of enabling everyday Australians to achieve true financial freedom through property investment.

We are passionate about building long-term partnerships to create prosperity and financial security for beginners and seasoned investors alike.


At JR Prosperity Partners, we are FAMILY!

We are in the business of transforming lives by helping as many people as we can to invest in high-growth residential real estate.

We are looking for talented and purpose-driven individuals who are excited about making a positive impact for themselves and for our customers. We welcome talented and ambitious people from all backgrounds to help us in continuing to make a positive and long-lasting difference in the world.

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