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Australian 7th in the world

Out of 55 countries, the Australian Property Markets growth has ranked 7th In the world for our annual growth, falling behind Luxemburg, Sweden, Slovakia, US, New Zealand and the global number 1, Turkey. 

The Australian market has experienced 16.4% growth in the last 12 months, up from the previous quarter where we were ranked 18th on 8.3%. 

Head of Residential Research at Knight Frank, Michelle Ciesielski said that there are more buyers than there are homes, driving up prices. 

“Scarcity remains the key driver for the significant growth in residential values across Australia, with pent-up demand from those engaging in incredibly low interest-rate environment”. 

So where does that leave the mum and dad investors wanting to get a leg up the ladder? Many would assume it’s a dire situation considering that on a global scale we look insanely unobtainable but that doesn’t mean there are no deals to be made. 

Obviously the further away from the main capital cities you look, the cheaper the properties, but what about in capital cities? 

Get in touch with our team who are actively helping investors right now but properties in Sydney’s hot market, and no, not for $1million+. 

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