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Half-Burnt Melbourne home sells for $1.5mill

You didn’t read that wrong, indeed a home ravaged by fire in Melbourne has been listed for $1.5million in Melbourne Northern suburbs. 

Described as “creative and sustainable development”, the 394sqm Thornbury home has a collapsing roof, and ash covered walls but isn’t being described as a knock down.

The home was damaged by a lit candle a year ago but apart from the charred walls, the home is surprisingly sturdy . 

Putting looks aside, Woodard Real Estate agent, Mark Butera said “It’s very unique, we don’t come across properties like this that often”. 

The 4 bedroom bungalow is just a short walk from the hype café scene along High Street and Mr Butera noted that it’s a sign of just how strong the Melbourne property market is and that there’s no shortage of interest for this property. 

And we’ve seen this growth consistently all year with Melbourne value prices increasing on average 0.3% every single week. 

The house was in a bitter bidding war, eventually passing the $1.4mill reserve and selling for an eye-watering $1,517,500.

Signalling that location and land size are important growth factors.