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Buy this Brisbane home with crypto

It’s official, we’re in the future!  

One Brisbane Developer is riding the cryptocurrency wave, offering to accept the digital currency for his latest project. 

The first renders of the beautiful home on Hamilton Hill by brothers, Rob and Andrew Grey from Graya have been released. The building named “Scorpia” has been promised to be the boldest home the boys have developed, but to get your hands on it, you’ll need to fork out some serious Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Managing Director of Graya, Andrew Gray said that potential buyers will be able to purchase the home using any mode of payment they wish, but offering cryptocurrency as a method, will open the property up to an even wider audience. 

With cryptocurrency here to stay, Graya intend to capitalize on the currency’s potential and it’s only the beginning. With cryptocurrency being about to be used as a method of payment elsewhere in the world, it was only a matter of time before a developer jumped on the bandwagon. 

“We want to market this property to all buyers, and many young investors have a lot of their wealth tied up with cryptocurrency. Why limit the properties selling potential? It’s time to embrace these technology shifts and normalise them” said Mr Gray. 

“We understand that digital currencies come with a certain degree of risk. However, Bitcoin and Ethereum have become reliable forms of investment, and there is a whole market of buyers out there who are asset rich in the crypto space”. 

“These are buyers we want to connect with. It’s been reported that in Miami there are currently 16 oceanfront properties for sale that are accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment methods, it’s only a matter of time until this becomes common place in Australia”, said Mr Gray. 

But this isn’t the first in Australia. Olympic swimmer, Cam McEvoy recently listed his Gold Coast villa on the market with the offer of accepting Bitcoin. And also, at the Gold Coast Soul penthouse in Surfers Paradise, was available for purchase with cryptocurrency, though it later sold for a cash amount north of $15million. 

Only time will tell just how fast we’ll start seeing more and more properties available to be purchased with cryptocurrency, but this is definitely a new era that’s worth understand for the future.