If you’re looking for the best buyers’ agent in Sydney or greater New South Wales to assist you in acquiring a new property, then get in contact with us today.

Divyan Shankar, Head of Acquisitions and Development at JR Prosperity Partners, specializes in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchasing of a property on behalf of you, the buyer.

Divyan will work on your behalf to help you acquire your desired property at the right price, saving you valuable time, money and stress.

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The benefits of utilising a buyer’s agent to help you find your next investment property or home, include:

Potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on your purchase – Buyers agents are expert negotiators. As such, they can help you to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars by negotiating on your behalf, as they understand how to deal with sellers and selling agents, and then implement their negotiation strategy to get the deal sealed and delivered.

Unlike real estate agents typically who work for the vendor (seller). Real estate agents are reknown for having a vested interest that sits with the vendor first, and buyers second. Buyers agents solely work for you, the buyer. This means that a buyers agent will operate in your best interest and negotiate and work hard for you during the entire sourcing, negotiating and purchase process.

Save your time, energy and stress – Buyers agent’s are experienced professionals who have been buyers and selling property for many years. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and access to all the necessary contacts required to ensure a smooth negotiation process to deliver an optimal outcome for you, the buyer, in minimal time.


“Divyan and the JR Team have been a pleasure to work with. Divyan helped me every single step of the way from choosing the right location to buy in, negotiating a great price in a rising market and all the way through to securing a tenant. I didn’t have to do any of the legwork for financing, all the repairs, inspections, insurance and finding a local managing agent. Buying a house at any time is stressful enough, but having to do it interstate with COVID restrictions in a hot market is where you need a great Buyers Agent like Divyan on your side.”

– Ganga


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