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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our commonly asked questions that are answered below.

I have never purchased an investment property before. How much help and support can you provide me?

We will provide you with end-to-end support from the initial strategy meetings and finding you the perfect investment, right through to settlement and beyond. With our six step process, we will identify the best investment strategy specific to your individual circumstances and financial goals, and then provide ongoing support and guidance each year to ensure that you achieve all your wealth building goals.

As a member of the JR Prosperity Family, you will have complete access to our recommended team of experienced and trusted professionals, including finance specialists, solicitors, accountants, developers, quantity surveyors, property managers and more. We will support you at every stage throughout your entire investment journey with the aim of helping you to build a robust investment portfolio that will provide strong financial returns for you, your family and future generations.

I’m not sure I can afford to buy an investment property, can you help me?

Before we answer the question of whether or not you can afford an investment property, it’s important to first learn what your financial position is. By having complete transparency over your finances, you will be able to set small goals to improve your situation and achieving your objective of buying an investment property. We recommend speaking with a finance professional to best understand what can be done given your finances, equity, cashflow and any outstanding debt. At JR Prosperity Partners, we will work closely with you to tailor a specific investment strategy that’s aligned to your individual circumstances and financial objectives.

Is property really the best investment opportunity, compared to shares, bonds and cash?

Simply put, property investment has significant advantages and numerous financial returns over other traditional investment asset classes, such as shares, bonds and cash. Although every investment carries its own level of risks and rewards, property investment is considered a highly viable option amongst investors, mainly due to the power of leverage. You can leverage your properties debt, as well as money in the form of a mortgage from a lender. In fact, you can borrow up to 90% of a property’s purchase price and leverage the banks money to build your very own property portfolio. No other asset class commands that level of confidence from lenders.

Furthermore, unlike shares where you only receive a return on your investment in the form of dividends or when you sell, property investment provides significant returns in the form of tax depreciation (receive back up to 50% of your tax each year), rental income from tenants and capital growth.

Comparatively, shares are considered to be high risk, because they are tied to the performance of a company and most companies have unpredictable growth cycles and changes of management without any warning or known economic indicators which property typically does.
Many seasoned investors love, property investment most of all due to it’s proven track record of performance. Since the 1970’s, Australia’s property market, specifically in capital cities, have doubled in value every 7-10 years (and that’s during times of economic downturns and other unpredictable events.

Do I need to be a high income earner or wealthy to afford an investment property?

Being a high income earner or wealthy to be able to afford an investment property is a common misconception. In fact, with recent record low interest rates, relaxed lending criteria and our access to affordable investment property packages, purchasing your very own investment property is more affordable than you may think. Property investment is possible for singles or couples on an average to high income, however to learn what specific investment options are available to you, please contact us today.

Do I need to have a large amount of money to afford a deposit on an investment property?

Typically, it is recommended that you have a cash deposit saved up of at least 20% of your investment property’s purchase price. This is due to avoiding the need to undertake Lenders Mortgage Insurance, or ‘LMI’, which is the insurance policy that home owners need to pay for to protect the lender from financial loss if the borrower can’t afford to meet their loan obligations.

Also, if you’re currently paying off your own home’s mortgage over the past few years, you may have built up quite a lot of equity. Instead of requiring a large upfront cash deposit, a lender (subject to approval) will permit you to use your home’s equity as financial security on your investment property.

Do I need to have any prerequisite knowledge of the real estate market before purchasing an investment property?

We understand that when it comes to the world of property investment, there is a significant amount of information and knowledge to acquire. We understand that it can be daunting not knowing what’s involved and what each step in the process is before you get started. That’s why our experienced investment strategists will provide you with only tailored advice that’s specific to your situation and goals. They will help you to cut through any industry jargon and support you by answering any questions that you may have at any stage so you can be reassured that you know exactly what’s going on.

I’m time poor, but I want to get started by investing in property. Can you help me?

We understand that life gets the better of us sometimes, with working long hours, spending time with the family and running household chores. That’s why we have made it as easy as possible to get started as a knowledgeable property investor.

  • Attend our Free 15 Minute Zoom Chat (no cost and no obligation)
    Schedule in a free 1-on-1 15 minute zoom session with our investment strategist, who will answer any questions that you may have and also provide you with on-the-spot advice as to what options you have to invest.
  • Enroll in our Online Property Investment Course
    Want to learn what it takes to become a successful property investor? Why not enroll in our 12 steps to becoming a successful property investor course and learn in your own type, our step-by-step guide to safely build long term wealth in Australia’s favorite asset class.
  • Attend our free online webinars and in-person events
    Want a deep dive into the world of property investing and have all your questions answered? Why not attend our immensely popular property investment events and webinars. They are a perfect opportunity to receive guidance and a clear blueprint on how to safely purchase your own high-growth investment property.

What if interest rates rise in the future, will I be able to afford the repayments on my investment property?

Property investing is widely considered a medium to long term investment. That’s why we advise our customers to remain realistic with how interest rates will perform over the duration of your property, and not just take into account the current record-low rates. Some investors prefer the option of remaining on a lower variable interest rate, while others elect for a fixed interest rate term. Please seek the advice of a qualified finance professional to determine what’s best for you and your situation.

I’m currently paying off my family home’s mortgage, can I still afford to purchase an investment property?

In short, yes it is possible that you may be able to afford to purchase an investment property, however it specifically depends on a few of the following key factors. If you own your home, or have been paying off the mortgage for the past few years, you may have established enough equity that you can tap into, to help service your investment property purchase. As always, please seek the advice of a finance professional to determine which strategy and options are available to you.

Can we invest in real estate using our superannuation?

Yes, it’s possible to use superannuation to purchase an investment property, however your super fund first needs to be setup as a Self Managed Super Fund, or ‘SMSF’. Although it’s possible, you need to be aware that there are very strict rules about buying an investment property. Please seek the advice of a qualified finance professional to determine what is possible given your specific financial circumstances.

What does equity mean?

Simply put, equity is the current market value of your home, less the amount of money still owing on the home loan. For example, if your home is valued at $1,000,000, and you still owe $300,000 on the home loan, you’ll have $700,000 of equity.
If you would like to find out how much equity you have on your home or investment property, you can simply organize a property valuation through a lender, bank or independent valuer. The great news is, if you have equity, you can utilize it to help service the purchase of an additional property. Contact us today to find out how.

Will you only help me to buy certain types of properties?

No. We are not in the business of offering only a specific type of properties for our customers. Our goal is simple, to provide you with a tailored strategy that is based upon your individual circumstances and future financial goals. We will then identify which investment options best meet your specific criteria. We source land and build all throughout Australia, not just in your local area which means we can identify and capitalize on areas that are considered high growth corridors.

Do I need JR Prosperity Partners services?

Buying an investment property that is poised for strong financial returns takes more than just research and luck. It involves a team of dedicated professionals who work seamlessly together to ensure that your entire investment journey goes as smooth as possible. This entire property investment process requires a minimum of 10 specialized professionals from different industries who come together at specific stages to ensure your journey is smooth and your financial goals are achieved. The professionals involved in the investment process include; your investment property strategist, broker, solicitor or conveyancer, accountants, quantity surveyors and developers, just to name a few. By having a team of highly experienced professionals working closely together, you will have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of.

I wish I looked into property investing earlier, is it now too late?

Short answer, No, it’s never too late to start investing in real estate. If you are close to retirement age, we would suggest that you carefully consider your options prior to investing, however your asset can be passed onto the next generation should the unthinkable happen. We advise people to get into property investing as soon as possible, because strong returns come from time in the market, not timing the market. As always, every situation is different and we will advise you on what the best course of action is, based on your particular set of circumstances and financial goals.

Do I still need an investment property coach if I already know what to do?

The short answer is yes. An investment property coach is still necessary because their sole focus is to ensure the entire property investment process before and after the purchase is as seamless and successful as it can possibly be. Our investment property coaches have years of experience and will provide you with ongoing guidance and support to ensure that there’s minimal risk of any unforeseen issues that could affect the success of your investment property journey.

My partner and I are earning a good income however we are paying a lot of tax as a result. Can property investment really help to reduce tax?

Depending on the investment strategy implemented and an individual’s specific set of circumstances, property investment can provide significant tax deductions. On average, we have helped our investors to receive 37% back of their taxes annually. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) recognizes investment properties as a depreciating asset, and therefore you can claim potential tax deductions on your property to help offset the tax that’s payable on your assessable income. Newer investment properties can claim a higher rate of depreciation than established properties, which means better cashflow for you and a better tax return. This information is general advice only, please contact us to receive specific advice based on your individual circumstances and financial goals.

What’s the difference between a buyers agent, a real estate agent and an investment property coach?

A real estate agent is someone who helps people to sell or lease a property. They differ from buyers agents and investment property coaches, as they tend to work primarily just for the vendor, not for the buyer. A buyers agent specifically works for the buyer, and they assist in searching, evaluating and managing the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer. An investment property coach goes above and beyond a buyers agent, as they specialize in aligning the right investment strategy for your specific set of circumstances, and then working closely with you to support you in achieving your financial goals that extend beyond the completion of the investment property purchase.

Is buying an investment property off the plan better than purchasing an existing property?

The short answer is yes. There are significant financial benefits to buying off the plan that existing properties simply don’t provide. These include:

  • There are significant depreciation benefits in the form of tax deductions for newly built properties. If you buy an investment property off the plan and you intend to lease it out to renters, you can claim the depreciation on your asset which will offset the tax paid on your assessable income.
  • There are numerous stamp duty and government concessions for new builds which means you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.
  • Buying off the plan provides you with the opportunity to buy the property at its current price. This means, that by the time your property build has reached completion, the property will most likely have increased in value, depending on the market conditions of when you first made your deposit.
  • Newly built properties require minimal upkeep and maintenance and are ready for your tenants to move in as soon as the property has been completed.

I don’t know where to start, what is the next step?

We have made the process of contacting us as easy and stress free as possible. Simply contact us by filling out the contact form above, or by calling: (02) 9635 1991 or emailing: .

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