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Covid-19 responsible for the insane Australian Property growth

We all know the property market in Australia has grown wilding during the pandemic, but by how much? 

Well according to top four accounting firm, KPMG, real estate prices are higher than they would’ve been if Covid-19 never happened. In facts, it’s grown a staggering 150%. 

The Impact of Covid on Australia’s Residential Property Market report looked at how the market has performed the last 18months, and then compared it to what the market was set to accomplish less the pandemic. 

In addition, according to KPMG’s analysis, house prices are at least 12% higher, and units 13% than they would’ve been if Covid never happened 

With generous stimulus from the government and record low interest rates, it’s no wonder, with even lockdowns unable to slow the market.  

So, if you’re wanting to get into the market but want to wait till it slows down, you may just make it harder for yourself to buy as prices are predicted to continue growing for some time. 

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