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Have we set the market up to fail?

Have all these initiatives to combat the potential market fall during the pandemic, harmed our $9 trillion-dollar residential property sector? 

Record low cash rates, first home buyers grant, builders grant and now a new initiative is being talked about for the Federal Government to invest $20 Billion to help build 3000 affordable homes a year in order to ensure low-income earners can afford a place to live. 

And this has come about because the market has been making leaps and bounds beyond what we expected. 

So, have we set up the market to fail? 

It may seem so for non-investors or would-be investors who feel they can’t catch a break, but this initiative also indicates just how strong the market it.  

So strong, that a fund like this is needed. 

And the honest truth is, the market will continue to growth. Not as rapid as it has been for the last 18months, but it’s not going to dip so low that investors and buyers will regret their purchases, that’s why when you notice the media focus on the potential market crash or other property negativity, we see investors buy more and more, because as Warren Buffett famously said, be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful. 

So with this news and more negative news we expect to see, you know our investors will be wanting to buy, and this willingness to act comes from working with actual investors such as our team at JRPP who are active investors in the market, helping every day people just like yourself become confident in their decision making to enter the market.