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If you can’t buy a home, it’s time to change strategies.

So, you want to buy a home but just cannot compete with the growing house prices and insane demand? 

Well, it might be time to change your strategy and look into rentvesting. But what is rentvesting? Simply put, you rent where you want to live, and invest where your property will grow and achieve the results you need for your financial strategy. 

We’re seeing this everywhere. Every day Australians having to complete with 6-figure deposits and homes selling hundreds of thousands above the asking price. It can seem like there’s no help for the little guy, and you’ll never be able to buy a home, but that’s where opportunity is. 

Many are looking into new strategies for buying a home, and one that the majority of millionaires have used to create their wealth is through property investing, and no, it isn’t just a game for the rich anymore. We’ve had clients who earn modest incomes from retail, and another who is a manager from Red Rooster with multiple investments under her wing. 

So how does this strategy work?  

You save 12% for a deposit of an investment property in an area where you’ll experience growth and instant equity, and yes there are many that don’t go under the hammer, and won’t climb in price from offers, but a set price that you can purchase today, no surprises. Buy that investment, have a tenant move in and start paying off your mortgage for you (and yes this is seen as income and an asset instead of a liability). Then using the equity after a few months or a year, buy another property and repeat. 

Do this over and over again. It really is as simple as that, but many won’t do it because they want to buy their home now and are ok with the idea of spending the next 40years paying off that one home. 

So, it’s time to take the hardship out of trying to buy a home. Invest in property and give yourself 5 or 7 years to build enough wealth to buy your dream home and draw an income or profit from your investments.  

If you’re willing to sacrifice a few years to rent so you can build your portfolio, and be cash abundant then buy your dream home without a 40-year mortgage, then why wouldn’t you? 

This is what we specialize in and do as investors ourselves. We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk, so get in touch with us today and let us show you exactly how you can become financially independent with property.