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Investing with military precision

We all know that anything worthwhile demands a certain level of discipline, and Ex-Navy Serviceman Lachlan Vidler took his military background and applied it to property. 

Vidler, 25, left the Navy after 6 years and has become a professional Real estate Investor. 

“A military approach means you’re methodical in everything.”  

“One of the things you learn in the military is discipline in all tasks and not putting anything off. You treat things seriously. You go out and do it.” 

So he took those lessons and started applying it to real estate. His first property was only $260,000 located in Queensland’s, Ipswich, which was $20,000 – $30,000 below other similar properties. 

“The property was nothing special, it was simply what was affordable for me at the time and the rent covered the mortgage costs.” 

It was at this moment that he realised there was an opportunity to really grow his wealth with property so he began investing his time in his education and knowledge about property and finance, reading as many investment books as possible, and listening to property podcasts as often as possible. 

Through his learning, he noted that he avoids apartments, townhouses, or any properties without a land component while focusing on areas where high there is a prospect of high rental yield and also capital growth. 

“You need cash flow to keep borrowing and you need growth to keep buying”, he said, adding that by focusing on capital growth properties, you can dip into equity quicker, to borrow for your next investment. 

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