6 Property Investment Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Successful property investors try to avoid making mistakes, but not everyone has an easy path to success. Mistakes are sometimes made. Property investment offers some great rewards, but if you make a mistake, it can really hurt you financially. Thankfully, most of them can be avoided. Increasing your knowledge by learning from others, will increase […]

A record 10 million foreign visitors expected to hit Australia this year, in good news for the economy

Australia is expected to welcome a mammoth 10 million overseas visitors to its shores this year — and a big chunk are coming from one country in particular. Analysis of data on foreign tourism has pointed towards a record number of guests in 2019, which spells good news for the economy and job growth. Bessie […]

Big infrastructure re-shaping East Coast cities and the ACT

When markets are cooling like they are in Sydney and Melbourne, there are lots of distractions for home owners and investors.  Fear can set in, as property values in your own neighbourhood soften and various ‘experts’ make wild predictions about massive citywide house price declines. It’s easy to forget the long-term fundamentals that will keep Australian […]

Immigration to drive 100% of Australia’s future 18m population growth

Too often, commentators on the population debate understate the role played by immigration in driving Australia’s population growth. These commentators usually claim that net overseas migration (NOM) accounts for around 60% of Australia’s population increase, whereas “natural increase” (births minus deaths) accounts for around 40%. While this statement is true when looking at a given […]

Brisbane house prices forecast to grow by 9 per cent over the next two years

Brisbane house prices are forecast to rise faster than any other capital city over the next two years, according to new modelling from the Domain Group. Domain’s Property Price Forecasts report predicts house prices in Brisbane could increase by 4 per cent in 2019, then grow by a further 5 per cent in 2020. It’s […]

NSW Government announces major high-speed rail network plan

We’ve been talking about it for decades but high-speed rail could finally be coming to Sydney and regional NSW. That’s because the state’s government has laid out a bold vision for four routes within 300km of the Harbour City, including a proposed map and artist impressions. Here’s what it is proposing: ● A northern route: […]

High-speed rail plan back on the table as southeast Queensland considers Olympic bid

FTER years of empty promises, a plan to connect some of Australia’s busiest regions with high-speed rail is on the table again and this time the multi-billion dollar plan is gathering momentum. Victoria, Queensland and NSW have all expressed their desire to get fast rail in their states for years but it’s a new proposal […]

Record Annual Infrastructure Building

Record annual infrastructure building Engineering construction work done Engineering: Engineering construction work done rose by 2.2 per cent in the June quarter, down by 5.2 per cent from a year ago. A month ago, it was estimated that engineering construction was up by 0.4 per cent in the quarter, but down 7.2 per cent over […]

NSW Maintained top rankings in dwelling starts and retail spending.

Victoria has again beaten NSW to remain Australia’s best economic performer as Tasmania’s star continues to rise, a new economic snapshot reveals. CommSec’s latest State of the States economic report, released today, shows strong construction activity and the lowest unemployment rate in a decade have helped Victoria retain the top spot over NSW for a […]

Nine ways for millennials to boost their chances of owning a home and retiring comfortably

While they have been connected to the world through the handheld screens they’ve been tapping away on, seemingly since birth, there appears to be a big disconnection between their future wealth and the security enjoyed by their parents and grandparents. There’s a nagging feeling the easy money has been made by preceding generations in property […]