Setting Your Budget For Your First Property Investment

Setting a budget is a fundamental skill taught to us in school, but many of us don’t use the skill in our adult lives. It essentially means putting all of our income and expenses on paper, to understand our financial position. It is not as complicated as accounting and requires not other formulas besides basic […]

How Your Credit Card Can Affect Your Lending Capacity

  Did you know that for every $5,000 you have on your credit card, your lending capacity will decrease by approximately $20,000? This is the reality of the lending environment. Every dollar of debt, will decrease the amount of money you are allowed to borrow. It is a policy created to reduce the risk to […]

What is Property Investment Diversification?

It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard the term “Don’t put your eggs in one basket”. It’s a proverb from the 17th century, when people would gather eggs from their hens. If you dropped your basket, you would lose all of the eggs, but using several baskets would mean you had more […]

How to Increase Your Savings for a Property Deposit

Saving a deposit for your next property investment can seem like a huge chore. There are some savers that put money into their piggy bank every week without fail, those people are so dedicated and committed. But if your like the rest of us, you will find a way to spend that money and then […]

4 Types of Property Investors

We have worked with many types of investors over the years. From the active go-getter, to the ‘cruisy’ lifestyle investor. Most people go through different phases of motivation throughout their property journey, but a few investor types have remained steady throughout. We have identified four different investor types: 1. The Passive Investor The passive investor […]

3 Steps To Selecting An Investment Grade Property

  Regardless of what the market is doing, there is always plenty of property to choose from when looking for your next investment. But, did you know that not all properties are what is considered to be an ‘investment grade property’? Just because a property looks good, does not mean that is offers the best […]

3 Steps To Becoming A Rentvestor

It’s no secret that the property market is unaffordable in large cities such as Sydney, where employment opportunities, culture and amenity attract more people to the centre each year. The growing population keeps both housing demand and housing prices sky high. This is where rentvesting provides a solution. You get to live in a central […]

The Pros and Cons of Relying Too Heavily on Tax Strategies in Property Investment

If there is anything this recent election has taught us, it is that government can change tax laws at any moment. Property investors were once again under the radar, as labour planned to abolish negative gearing for established properties. Negative gearing for new properties however, was to remain unchanged to ensure the construction industry remains […]

Why the Government Pension and Superannuation Won’t be Enough at Retirement

  For many years Australians have believed the government pension and superannuation, will take care of us financially at retirement. After a lifetime of working hard and paying taxes, we could easily make this assumption. With medical advancements and better nutrition, people are living longer. We are also experiencing a time, when the cost of […]

How To Create Wealth Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

Australian’s enjoy a great lifestyle. We love our café’s and our beach culture, our bush surroundings and life’s little conveniences that our cities provide. Many of us work hard to maintain a good lifestyle, but when the costs of living increase, we need more money to ease the financial burden. Many people get caught in […]