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QLD region will pay you to buy land

We’ve heard of the Italian villages selling homes for $1 in order to boost their population and now QLD is doing something very similar! 

So rejoice Australia because the small QLD region of Quilpie will give you a grant of $12,500 to anyone who buys land and builds a new home valued at less than $750,000 that they live in for only 6 months. 

And with some plots selling for as little as $12,500, it means you can receive your slice of land for absolutely nothing! 

So what does Quilpie have to offer? Well, it’s famous for opal mining, dinosaur bones, and has all the basics you need such as 2 supermarkets, a bakery, butchers, newsagents, a hair salon along with 2 schools and an early childhood centre. 

But it’s struggling to fill teaching and medical vacancies and there aren’t enough houses for people to move to the area. 

In fact, Quilpie Shire Council CEO, Justin Hancock, spent his first 6 months living in a retirement village and that’s when he knew he needed to make something happen. 

“I made some great friends at the retirement village, and still drop by for a cuppa with some residents, but it wasn’t the ideal place for me to live, regardless of how lovely the villa was”. 

It’s a great incentive for any buyers who are struggling to enter the current property market but it isn’t the only way. 

If you’re wanting to invest but don’t want to invest this far away from the east coast, then get in contact with us here at JRPP. We have homes in Sydney from just $550,000 and not only can we help you get your foot on the property ladder, but we’ll also create a personalised strategy for your specific needs to supercharge your future financial goals.