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Sydney House prices rise $150 per hour

Sydney house prices have been rising consistently for so long that we can now calculate the average growth to the minute in some Sydney areas. 

Rising $1 every 40 seconds, or $1.50 every single minute. 

This comes as demand continues to outrank supply and low interest rates have surged prices to new heights. 

Prices across Greater Sydney (including the Blue Mountains and Central Coast) were at their highest in 1988 at 26% or $267,000. And a year ago, the median house price here was $1.03million, and now sits at $1.29 million, which is an increase of just under $30 an hour. 

And this is just the overall median prices with some areas such as the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and North Shore homes earning more than $69 per hour even up to $120 per hour and beyond, according to CoreLogic Data. 

And analysts say that there is more growth on the cards as the cash rate remains low till at least until April 2024, and a shortage of homes for sale, continues to fuel Sydney’s growth. 

So, what does that mean for your average Mum and Dad investors?  

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