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The Australian Government is crying out for Investors

This isn’t click bait, we as a country need more property investors because the number of properties in Australia is still in short supply.

Just take a look at the media. The number of properties selling for well above asking is at a scary level and that’s because of supply and demand.

Low Supply and High Demand equals rising house prices.

Capital city demand continues at an insane rate, with buyers out in

force at a time when stock is struggling to keep up with demand. The stock of advertised properties in the 4 weeks leading to May 16th 2021 is 6.1% below year-ago levels across capital cities.

At the same time “time on market” continues to decline, meaning properties are being sold faster than usual.

These are signs that property values will continue to rise.

And that’s where we need you.

As an investor you’re helping solve multiple problems that the government are facing.

You’re creating jobs by building an investment property, for agents, solicitors, builders, developers, designers, evaluators and so on.

You’re helping people who may be unable to buy a home, to have a property to rent so you’re helping add to the rental supply.

And you’re also future proofing your retirement by creating a growing asset that’ll help facilitate your retirement, instead of relying on the pension which is a bill sitting in the Billions for the Australian Government.

And that’s with only 1 property.

Imagine what you can do with another 1 or 2 or even 3.

This is why Investors are so well looked after by the government. And they say thank you by rewarding you in the form of big juicy tax refunds which is why June and July is truly an exciting time for investors because what could you do with an extra $5000 – $8000 this financial year?

I know with many of our clients it’ll either go towards their mortgage in their offset account, or go towards a deposit for the next property, repeating the cycle and helping the country grow.

If you want help with your financial direction, reach out.

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