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The biggest regrets investors have

Every investor has a regret with an investment, and if they state otherwise, they’re lying. 

Maybe they bought a property that didn’t make money, or a deal fell through, and they couldn’t get a loan, whatever it may be, every successful investor will say there’s a lesson in every interaction with investing, and just like any other kind of investment, there’s a certain level of risk involved so you need to be comfortable with the potential of losing a certain amount of money. 

And before you say, “but wait, you’re always telling me that property is a sure thing, what do you mean, be prepared to lose money?.”  

Yes, it’s true, property is the best investment you can make when you look at the power of leveraging your money with the banks, and historical growth and returns over time but there is always a risk. Not to say we will put you in harms way, the opposite. We always want to minimize your risk, to the point where if you’re ready but we believe you are not, we won’t let you continue the deal. 

Odd business model, isn’t it? But remember, your success is our success, and we’ve made enough mistakes to last us a very long time and we use these lessons to help with our investment journey. 

And when you look at all the worst-case scenarios, ask any investor and their number one regret is that they didn’t invest earlier.