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Where should you build your dream home? (an architects view)

The classic saying of location, location, location is true for investors, but even more so when you’re building your dream home. 

While you want to enjoy your leisure time in your home as much as possible, you also want to ensure your asset will grow over time. 

And yes, basically anywhere in Australia will grow, but internationally acclaimed architect, Rob Mills says that “there are a number of fundamental ingredients to deciding on the right location.” 

“The starting point is proximity to an international airport or within an hour and a quarters drive from the city.” 

“The next things are temperate or warmer climate, views of the water with either boating or a safe harbour or a beach, and a good culture. You need to have quality produce available, great stores, cafes and restaurants.” 

But that’s not to say the coastline further away from the main cities doesn’t have its special spots. 

What world-renowned architect, John Wardle, loves most about Australia is that there are so many gorgeous rural landscapes that continue right down to the ocean. 

“That means you can have a remarkable retreat on an incredible part of the coast, but you can also have a productive farm” he says. “That can be a valuable antidote to our lives in the city”. 

There are so many things to consider when you get to that point in your life where you’re ready to build your custom owner-occupied home, but that doesn’t mean you out it just anywhere yet, everyone’s needs are different and at the end of the day, it comes down to where you want to settle down permanently. 

But are there deals in the areas you want to build? Get in contact with us now, and let us show you what’s possible within your budget for your dream house today.