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Why you’ll fail at everything

We need to have a conversation about why you’re failing. 

Sure, you’re doing everything right, you’re making time for yourself, you’re investing in yourself, you’re upskilling, and you’re focused but, do you believe it? 

Weird question, right? 

There’s a science behind it and Keshav explains it really well in the video below: 


It’s all about manifestation and self-belief, and often, we sabotage ourselves without realizing it. You see, many of us fail to give 100% into something because we “know” we’re going to fail, and as soon as we believe we’ll fail, we begin to put less effort into our actions. 

And less effort we put in, the worse your outcome is, and the even less effort we put in, the even worse the outcome is, until we say “see, I told you it wouldn’t happen”, and it becomes this vicious cycle that I’m sure many of us have experienced many times in our life. 

So how do we overcome this? 

It takes practice but you need to be completely convinced in yourself that this is possible because no one will believe in you more than yourself so it starts with you. Then surround yourself with the right people to have your back and cheer you on, because their energy becomes your energy and you’ll get to a point where the outcome you’re working towards becomes a consequence of your actions. 

But don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen the first, or second or even third time. Every action, good or bad, has a lesson within that we can use to better ourselves in the future.